Wednesday, March 7, 2012

brother sister

i am an only child, and most of the time i'm glad about that.  but i know that there are many things that i missed out on, and relationships that i can't understand.  ben has 2 sisters, and they are very close, so there was no question in his mind that austin needed a sibling.  i, on the other hand, wasn't so sure, but i knew ben wanted to try for a boy anyway, and so the adventure began. 
it wasn't long into the adventure that we started feeling very bad for our decision, and what it would mean for austin.  she has been our world for 2 1/2 years.  she is my little buddy, and even though it's not always easy, she and i went and did everything together.  having another baby would mean that her world would completely change, and we were so sad for her.
she has been very excited about bennett, and i often wonder what went through her head talking about a baby in mommy's belly, and yet he had a room full of toys, clothes, a bed, etc. :) we would talk about the hospital, and how mommy was going to the hospital to have baby bennett, and austin would visit them, and then baby bennett would come live at our house.  she would nod in agreement, and talk about bennett.
austin didn't get to meet bennett until the day after he was born, march 3rd.  she liked to look at him in his bed, but she didn't want to touch him or hold him.  she was acting very shy, and wanted attention from me, which i was more than happy to give her because i had been missing her.
we got her interested in him because my mom started showing her his hands and feet, and she finally agreed to hold him. :)
i'm still sad for her, and for the changes that she's about to experience, but at the same time i'm very excited for her to have a brother to grow up with!

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