Monday, March 5, 2012

bennett's birth story

i had a scheduled dr. appointment on thursday afternoon, the 1st.  i was just so happy that i made it past leap day without having bennett.  ha!  that was a big fear of mine through my whole pregnancy.  i went in monday morning, and was at 1cm, so i thought by thursday i would be to at least 3.  i was wrong... i was only at 2.  i hadn't been doing anything extreme that day, but i was going and doing like normal.  cleaning around the house, chasing austin, etc.  so i went home, and we all went out to dinner to a local steak house.  i ordered grilled shrimp, and i didn't realize it, but when i got my plate, they were really spicy.  i could only eat a couple of them, which left me a little hungry for the night.  when we got home, i wasn't feeling good, so we put austin to bed, and went to our room.  as i was getting ready for bed, i started having contractions.  i didn't get too excited.  i told ben, and we started timing them together.  the longer we timed, the more we started going over what we still needed to pack for the hospital, and what to do with austin.  thankfully, our parents were spending the night at our house that night.  we timed for a little over 2 hours, and i called into the office.  at that point, the contractions were about 5 minutes apart.  i was told to take some tylenol, which i had already done, so they said to come on in.  they started getting closer as we finished packing our hospital bags quick, and got to 3 minutes apart.  by the time we got to the hospital, they were 2 minutes apart, and i was reallllllllly nervous that i was dialating fast.  come to find out, i wasn't at all.  when i got in a labor & delivery room (somewhere between midnight and 1am), i was still only at 2 cm.  the next morning when my dr. came around, i was at a 4, so he ordered my epidural.  he wanted me to progress on my own if i could, so he waited on the pitocin.  i spent the day playing on my phone, talking to ben, dreaming of food, eating ice chips, watching tv, listening to pandora, napping, and looking like this... :)  ha!
2012-03-02 05.05.34.jpg
when i got my epidural, the nurse and anesthesiologist knew that with austin's epidural my blood pressure dropped super low and i passed out.  they were so sensitive, and monitored me very closely.  i did start to pass out, but she was ready with a shot of something to pick me back up.  anyway, i got stuck at 4 cm for a loooong time, so i finally got pitocin, and we were progressing. i was having a hard time laying on my back, because i kept getting really nauseous (because i didn't have enough to eat the night before, and my stomach was completely empty). my nurse let me lay on my right side to nap, and when i woke up, i couldn't feel my right leg at all, but i could feel my left, and even control it and move it on my own. during contractions, i was hurting SO bad. i finally just started balling my eyes out. i knew something wasn't right. they finally got the anesthesiologist to come give me something, which took the feeling out of my left side, and i was feeling relief. at some point, my doctor and my nurse came and put a monitor on bennett's scalp (which i wasn't too happy about), so that they could monitor him better. i napped more after that, and woke up to feeling my left side again. this time, it was a different pain, and even more intense. when my doctor came in he said that i was feeling bennett go through the birth canal. the anesthesiologist had to come back and give me another shot. i was balling crying and trying not to make loud screams during contractions. it was horrible. (i never want anyone to know that i'm in labor at the hospital until the baby is out, but i was hurting so bad that i told ben to post a prayer request on facebook.  and i hate facebook, so you know i was in serious pain.) :) i was able to rest a little bit more after that shot, and before i knew it, it was time to push. i remember being in such a great mood at that point, even though i was tired. ben and i were joking with my doctor, i was making sure ben had the camera on the right setting, etc. it made me feel better that my doctor told me that he thought bennett would be here with a couple of pushes. i pushed for maybe a little over 5 minutes, and he was here! (i pushed for about 45 minutes with austin!) he looked SO tiny when he came out!
they let me hold him for a minute, and then took him to the little table in the room to check him out. he had to be suctioned 2 big times, and they were concerned because he wasn't moving his legs. (ben figured this out, they were afraid to tell us.) they put oxygen on him, and he started moving like normal. his pediatrician explained to us later that he apparently swallowed a bunch of fluid right before he came out, and he couldn't breathe properly because of that. not being able to breathe properly was affecting his movements, so he needed oxygen to help him out.
i tried to nurse him, and he seemed interested, but wouldn't latch on, and they really wanted to give him more oxygen, so they took him to the nursery. he was on oxygen for a few hours there while i ate some dinner, snuggled with austi bug, and got the feeling back in my legs enough to walk.  bennett had the sweetest nurse that night, and she came back a little later to give me his stats, and explain what was going on with him.  she knew that i wanted to breastfeed, so she made sure that he had no kind of bottle (sometimes they give sugar water to check their sucking), and no paci.  i was SO happy about that, and thanked her over and over.
bennett's pediatrician hadn't been called to the hospital that night, so he gave orders for them to put him on oxygen, and watch him overnight until he could see him the next morning. well, right after us, there was a baby born at 32 weeks, so the doctor had to come in. after taking care of the preemie, he said that bennett looked great, and for the nurse to start weaning him off of oxygen so that he could come to us in the next couple of hours. doc visited us in our room, and explained what had happened, and that he was completely fine. we got moved into a mother/baby room, got ready for bed, and baby b finally came to the room. it was my first time to see him good, and i was so happy! ben had been watching him through the glass, but he was on the opposite side of the nursery, and the nurses were so concerned about the preemie baby that no one bothered to move him closer for us, which was fine. we held him a little bit, and then i tried to nurse. baby b nurses like a champ. he did the very 1st time that night, and has ever since. here is a little q.t. with daddy...
2012-03-02 23.17.28.jpg
it was an exciting, crazy day.  there are 10 labor & delivery rooms.  all 10 were full that day.  2 were sent home for false labor.  6 delivered before me.  the last one was the lady with the preemie baby, and they had been trying to keep her from having the baby, but something happened and she had to have an emergency c-section.  ben was there when my (our) doctor told the news to the family that the mother was doing ok, but he wasn't sure about the baby.  there were a lot of tears, and it made us SO thankful for a healthy baby!  that preemie baby ended up doing really good.  when we left the hospital, he was already weaned off of everything, and they were just monitoring him.  they were thinking that he could go home within a week. 

everything about my labor, delivery, and post delivery was so different than it was with austin.  for 1 thing, it was a very stormy day with tornadoes.  at 1 point, we were all about to be moved to the hallway, but the warning was cancelled, praise the Lord.  my mom had austin at our house all day, so she wasn't there with us.  i was glad that my mom wasn't there, because she would have freaked out when my epidural wasn't working and i was in so much pain.  ben called them when i was about to start pushing, and they headed to the hospital with austin.  she was excited to see all of her grandparents.  she saw bennett through the glass, but i don't think she understood that it was really him.  when she was with me in our room, i kept my right hand that had my iv under the covers.  i had been talking with her before about going to the hospital to have bennett, and that she would come visit me, so i think she really understood that part.  she will sometimes bring it up even now that mommy was in the hospital, and austin went to see her.  :)  another difference was that bennett had to be put on oxygen, and i didn't freak out at all.  with austin, i freaked about everything.  austin wouldn't latch on and nurse until she was about 3 weeks old, and bennett latched right away.  bennett had a great nurse, austin had a rude insensitive one.  my blood pressure never went up again.  all in all, we had such a better experience.  it seemed much more relaxed, which was what ben and i wanted and hoped for.

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