Sunday, February 12, 2012

valentine's prep

i was so excited for austin this year, because she got to actually participate and have something fun to do with valentine's.  she had so much fun putting her cards together for her friends at school.  :)
i ordered her these little cards from peartree.  i had never heard of this company until one of my girlfriends introduced me to them around christmas, and they have really great prices!  i am a faithful shutterfly customer, so it was a little hard for me to branch out, but they have some really cute cards, and shutterfly didn't have any small valentine's cards for kids for valentine's.  just like shutterfly, i could also shop with them through ebates, and get cash back.
the back of the card was hot pink, and i paid a little extra to get brown envelopes instead of white, and also for the stickers.  (i was SO glad that i got the stickers, because i don't think we could've sealed the envelopes without them since they were fat because of the suckers.)  we got the little suckers from party city when we were there buying superbowl items.  we got a mixture of disney princesses, tinkerbell, cars, and toy story suckers.
she put all of the suckers in by herself.
i just had to turn them, and seal the envelope with a sticker.
all ready for school!

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Lane said...

I LOVED Austin's cute cards!