Wednesday, February 22, 2012


i have been maaaaaajor time slacking in the blogging department.  here is what we've been up to!

we had our play date at mcdonalds with our friends. we had already eaten lunch, so austin just played with her friends. her socks were black by the time we were done, and they went right in the trash when we got home. :)
being silly...
our local coffee shop is the BEST for many reasons. during the month of february, they have had a king cake frappe that is too good to put into words. i always get decaf, and austin calls it "mommy's cup."  (she also thinks that she always needs sunglasses these days.)  sometimes when we are in town, she will ask for mommy's cup.  :)
she is very much into playing dress up and trying on clothes these days. she will be so excited when she can finally wear these summer clothes. i have been tempted to put them all out of her reach in her closet, because she gets them out daily.
she has proven to be a little more responsible with not running off, and staying in the back yard to play. if it's nice weather, i will leave the back door open, and let her go out. (she carries this little step stool eveywhere!)
eating an oreo...
my girlfriends and i have started a new book. we are going through "becoming the woman God wants me to be - a 90 day guide to living the proverbs 31 life." so far, it is really good, and i'm really enjoying it. we're memorizing proverbs 31 in small pieces.
austin has been getting better with her sleeping because i have been really limiting her naps. i need to do a whole blog post on that and our "bedtime battles." she's so sweet...

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