Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy love day!

austin had her valentine's party at school on monday with her friends.  i love it that she has so many little friends, and i especially love seeing them interact and communicate with each other.  :)
including "dr. love" himself! :) ha!
they had another party on tuesday that she didn't go to, since she only goes to school mondays and wednesdays, but she had a bag full of valentine's from her friends to pick up on wednesday!
my friends, shannon and lane, got creative with goldfish. austin appreciated that! :) i think they got these ideas from pinterest.
more goodies...
we had bible study monday night instead of tuesday because of valentine's, so ben and austin had their valentine's date monday night.  i'm sure austin doesn't understand it yet, especially since they've had dates once a week for a while now, but i love it that she is ben's priority for valentine's.  he and i both really don't like valentine's day, but like everything else... things are more fun when you have a child!  he took her out to eat, and let her pick out this mickey mouse.  i hope she will always see her daddy as her first love, and marry a Godly man just like him!

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