Wednesday, February 8, 2012

go giants!!!!

i have been the only wacko around here cheering for the giants. i think everyone has thought that i was crazy this whole nfl season. :) most people around me *hate* eli manning because he graduated from tsun.  my husband included.  he refused to wear anything red or blue for our superbowl party.  :)  we had several couples over from church, and had a great time!  (and great food!)  :)
we had more kids than this, but this is austin and 2 of her friends from church.  i think mrs. chelsea was showing them photos of her dog, max.
baby b and i were prepared for the game.  ;)  i have wanted this shirt all season, and i was so psyched that we were headed to the superbowl, i ordered it right away.  it says "#1 nfl draft pick 2030" with a line pointing down to baby b!  :)  i'm glad we won because this is like 1 of 2 tshirts that still fit me.  ha!  every time i complain about bennett's hard kicks, ben reminds me that i want him to play in the nfl, so i need to quit complaining.  ;)
and yes, i don't really know a whole lot about the giants team except for this fella.  i have been a huge fan of his since he started at ole miss.  (for those that don't know, i grew up an ole miss fan, and married a mississippi state student/graduate.  in my defense, i warned ben when we met that i would not cheer for msu until eli graduated, and i held true!)  :)  this photo says...

Q: what do you tell the doubters?
A: nothing.  you already told it to them twice.

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