Sunday, February 26, 2012

getting ready!

i haven't really had the urge to "nest" around the house.  ben has been helping me SO much with housework and with austin when he is home.  i have just been making sure all of his little things are washed and put away.  i started making our lists for our hospital bags, and i packed him up the other day.  i was able to get it all inside our diaper bag, which i am totally in love with.  i will do a post on a lot of his things when we get the room completely put together.
we have frames to hang, and a wall vinyl to put up.  (this digital print that i had made is my favorite!!!!!)
i got a pedicure!  (and i hate it when i regret my color choice!)  :(
i decided on M&M's for hospital favors.  they say "it's a boy!," "welcomed with love," and "bennett cole."

i just got some treat bags from walmart, some cute ribbon, and made several little bags of favors.
austin helped me wash and put his carseat together.  ben has already installed the base in my car.
we have bought a crib mattress, but his bedding isn't in yet.  hopefully it will come soon so i can show it off!  :)  the only thing that isn't done is the window.  i need to order fabric for panels to be made.

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Breanna said...

He will be here before you know it! :) Love the M&Ms! What a cute idea! :)