Tuesday, February 28, 2012

bennett update

i have had regular contractions twice now.  the 1st time, i was 34 weeks.  they were every 6 minutes.  i called after an hour, and was told to take a bath, drink a lot of water, take 2 tylenol pm, and go to bed.  i did those things and slept for who knows how long.  i don't even remember what i said to ben the next morning.  :)

the 2nd time was early yesterday morning.  i woke up with contractions about 6:30ish, and started timing them at 6:50.  they were every 5 minutes.  this time, i waited 2 hours, and called.  i didn't get anywhere with the after hours people, so mom and i dropped austin off at school at 8:30 and headed to the office.  (to tell you how confident i was, i didn't take a bag or anything with me.)  they saw me right away, hooked me up to the monitor, and we started timing.  what do you know... they slacked off.  bennett's heart rate stayed good... in the 140s.  my 2nd favorite dr. in the group checked me out, and i was STILL 1 cm.  i couldn't believe it.  he sent me to the ultrasound room to get a look at b man, and to get a guesstimate on his weight.  also to see if it looked like he could breathe on his own should he come any day.
2012-02-27 17.04.02.jpg
he passed all of his little tests, meaning that he should be ready to breathe on his own, and everything looked developed and good.  he measured to be 6 lbs. 11 oz., which is a little nuts considering we are technically 5 weeks early.  they are guesstimating him to come any time... actually hoping that he comes anytime.  we have laughed and laughed at these toes... i've been calling them hobbit feet.  :)
2012-02-27 17.06.41.jpg
come on, little man!!

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