Monday, February 6, 2012

baby shower #2

my super sweet stepmom had me a little shower for my family to be able to attend.  it worked out great because after the shower, we made that our last trips to babies r us and target to pick up anything we needed that we didn't get.  after not being prepared for austin to come early, we have made sure that we are prepared this time around!  :)
austin had SO much fun helping me open "bennett's presents." :) she oo'd and ahh'd over everything.
i was so glad that we got to see my great grandma!  she will be 92 (i believe?) this august.
my dad's mom, granny giner...
austin got a few gifts too.  she got her 1st my little pony, and she loves her "pink pony."  she also got some new puzzles, and some veggie tales dvds.
us with my stepmom, lenaee.  austin looks like such a big girl in this photo!  :(
my long time bff, ann marie, is always good for a laugh.  ;)  she went shopping with me to babies r us, and we had the best time.
thank you grandma & grandpa for everything!!

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