Friday, February 3, 2012

babies, birthday, and other stuff

we have been talking a lot about baby bennett and babies lately. austin has been taking care of her babies, and making sure that they take naps.  :)
we've also been practicing holding babies using the boppy.  :)
for my birthday tuesday, my friends were the best.  my friend ashley delivered some birthday cake frozen custard.  it was SO good!
some other friends also brought me brownies and cupcakes!  we did our bible study together while ben and austin went out to eat (like every tuesday), and it was so fun hanging out with the girls.  that night when i went to bed, it really didn't feel like my birthday, but i guess that's part of getting older.  ha!  turning 28 wasn't that exciting.
austin has started taking her clothes off while she's playing in her room.  i'm just praising the Lord that she leaves her diaper on.  :(
she's been spending a lot of time with daddy, which has been great for all 3 of us! 
she outgrew her pink converse slip-ons that she wears with everything, so we had to buy her a new pair.  when we were at the park the other day, she kept complaining about her shoes, and wanted to take them off.  i told her if she wanted to play, then she had to keep her shoes on.  well, mom FAIL... when we got home, she had blisters on both big toes.  :(  i felt so bad.  :(
aunt mary gave austin this headband with an outfit for christmas, and she has wanted to wear it around the house every day.  (as you can also tell in the 4wheeler photo.)  :)  ha!  she can be so silly.

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Hollie Lane said...

She is very obsessed with this headband! She wanted to wear it to eat supper the night Mikell and I took her out. I begged her to leave it at home! It didn't work out too well! :)