Friday, January 6, 2012

update on baby b!

i had my dr. appointment yesterday, and while we were at it, i had scheduled our 4d ultrasound too. mr. bennett was NOT cooperative AT ALL. he was frustrating all of us. our tech felt so bad, but i kept telling her that at least we knew that he was ok. he kept his head turned wrong so we never got a good photo of him.  here's a regular pic...
2012-01-05 21.43.12-cropped.jpg
he looked great. he was very active (as always), head down, and she guessed him to weigh about 3 lbs.  his heart looked good too.  here's a couple of 4d pics...
2012-01-05 21.44.30-cropped.jpg2012-01-05 21.42.27-cropped.jpg
i'm going every 3 weeks to the dr. now since my december appointment.  there was no change really, except for my iron is low, so i started iron pills today.  i passed my glucose test, praise the LORD.  i measured 28 weeks, and all of my complaints are normal.  :) 

welcome, third trimester!!

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