Wednesday, January 18, 2012

random phone pics

it has been so nice to be at home for a while, since all of the running around and preparing for the holidays.  we had a warm spree for several days, so after church and lunch a couple of sundays ago, we took austin for ice cream.  now every time we pull out of the church parking lot, she asks for ice cream.  :)
2012-01-08 13.52.44.jpg
later on that same sunday, austin got to hang out at her friend charley's house, while ben and i had an event at church. she was SO excited, and did NOT want to leave.
2012-01-08 18.40.24.jpg2012-01-08 18.41.20.jpg
we have been having "bedtime battles" every night for a while now. austin doesn't want to stay in her bed (or her room) to go to sleep unless we are in there with her. we were trying not to continue that habit, so we've been leaving the room, and trying ANYTHING to get her to stay in there. ben got the bright idea to take away her pacifier unless she stays in her bed. so far, it has been our best bribe item. :) the other night, we kept taking it away when she would come out, so she went in her room, put on her shoes, and informed us that she was going to walmart for a paci. :) ha! she kills me.
2012-01-08 21.01.14.jpg
even though the "terrible two's" are upon us, she is such a sweet girl.
2011-12-28 18.53.12.jpg

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momto8 said...

when our kids were little we went out for brunch every Sunday after mass..and they could choose anything they wanted off the menu..good memories for all of us...and they were better behaved too!