Saturday, January 28, 2012

anniversary and randoms

i seriously should be ashamed that i didn't do a post for mine and ben's anniversary this year. :( we didn't even take a single photo together.  he was super sweet and thoughtful this year.  instead of taking a trip (which he knew i didn't feel like), he booked us a suite at a local hotel, and got our parents to come keep austin.  we went out to a nice dinner, and had such a fun time.  he had even made chocolate covered strawberries, and had sparkling grape juice waiting in the room for me.  :)  it feels so weird that we've only been married 5 years, since we've been together for 9.
on the night that we left, i noticed austin was starting to not feel good.  by monday, we were headed to the pediatrician.  i get a little frustrated because they will never give austin anything but allergy medicine, but i know it's not good to always give antibiotics.  they switched her from zyrtec to allegra.
here is miss priss and daddy goofing off while i was in bible study.  i think they enjoy their tuesday nights together.  :)
we have a slight puzzle obsession.  it's all the child wants to do.
austin and daddy made rice krispy treats!  :)
we had a little visit from uncle don and aunt gail a few weeks ago.  they are ben's aunt and uncle that live in indiana.  it was good to see them!

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