Friday, December 9, 2011

small group christmas party

we hosted our small group christmas party, and we had so much fun! we love our small group, and have done life together for the past year! austin has been the only child of the group for most of the time, and she's a little rotten. :) here she is with mrs. meg...
i asked ben to take some photos for me, and he took random shots like this. ha! this is our friend alex...
and here is taylor. he is a God-send to us. he and his wife moved here and joined our group back in august, and he needed a job. ben at the same time needed another hand on the farm for harvest. isn't it cool how God works those things out? we are so thankful for them!
the girls!!  austin, ashley, chelsea, me (the fatso :)), and meg.
we ate and played apples to apples! i had never played it before, but it was fun!

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