Friday, December 30, 2011

my favorite things... december edition.

i know that i have sang praises about goat's milk stuff for a long time now.  ben and i are still using their soap, but we had to quit using it with austin all of a sudden.  her eczema started getting really bad and wasn't going away.  i decided to switch her to burt's bees baby soap, and it has cleared up completely.  i bought some shower gel and lotion for myself, too.  i have always loved their products, especially the hand salve.

when i was trying to figure out what to do to help austin's eczema, i also decided to change detergents.  this is a touchy subject at our house because ben has very sensitive skin, and has reactions to most detergents on the market.  he is allergic to anything with enzymes in the ingredient list, and if you look, pretty much all detergents except for purex and all have them.  even baby detergents like dreft have them.  well thankfully, method is enzyme free, so it was our next choice.  i use mostly all method cleaning products in our home because they are non toxic.  this detergent is plant-based, 95% natural, 8x concentrated (a little goes a long way), and comes in a very hand squirt bottle.  it smells great, our clothes feel cleaner and softer, and life is good.

clorox handi wipes
in my effort to save a little money here and there, i got these wipes to use in place of paper towels a lot with austin and her little messes throughout the day.  they are fabulous!  you can even wash them in the washing machine with your other towels, and keep on using.  we don't use 1/2 the paper towels that we used to.

paul mitchell products are my old faithfuls.  i love to try out new brands and products, but when it all boils down, i will always go back to paul mitchell.  it's affordable, they are a great company, and it works.  i've been using this volumizing spray for a while, and i love it.  i also use their daily moisture shampoo and conditioner, conditioning foam, and thicken up styling liquid daily.  austin uses the baby don't cry tearless shampoo, and taming spray.  while i'm on the subject, let me tell y'all that you should NEVER EVER EVER buy salon products from a grocery store, internet, or a drug store.  these products are gray market, counterfeit, or tampered with.  they are also not guaranteed, and you should always support your local salon and hairdresser.  if you want a product that they don't have in your local salon, ask them to get it for you.  the price should be about the same or even cheaper.

i can't get enough of this stuff.  i have always loved it, even as a kid.  i used to call it wine, and i would embarrass my mom and granny because if guests were over, i would ask for my wine.  ha!  i will hardly ever buy it now in the grocery store because i will drink the whole thing in a day.  well, now that it's new year and mr. bennett is on his way, this is how i will have to celebrate.  :)

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Shannon Willcutt said...

My little Lucy has eczema...has the worst breakouts when when the temperatures get extreme...really hot or really cold. We have been battling it lately since it has been so cold. I use Aveeno with no fragrance, dyes, etc., but I may have to try Burt's Bees!! Thanks for sharing!!