Friday, December 23, 2011

kansas city - part 2

our 2nd day together started out with a little photo shoot, which didn't exactly go as planned, but we all lived to tell about it. :)
gammy and pepaw with their loves...
the whole gang...
that day, we didn't do much except for visit the big cabela's store. here's ben kissing a large catfish. :)
2011-12-19 15.49.12.jpg
that night, we had christmas together! austin was SO excited about opening presents.
and here's little lady bug...
we had a great trip. austin was fabulous traveling, thanks to ben buying a dvd player for her to watch. we stopped in branson, missouri on the way home to visit the titanic museum. it was not what we expected, but it was nice to stop and walk around even though miss priss was horrible. :) anything about the titanic always fascinates me.
2011-12-20 16.36.48.jpg

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