Monday, December 5, 2011

decorating & grandparents

we haven't been doing a whole lot at home lately except for a little decorating, and trying to keep out house clean.  sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don't.  :)  i LOVE how our stockings turned out.  i got them from pottery barn and pottery barn kids.
2011-12-05 13.33.10.jpg
another thing i've been doing is fretting over bennett's nursery.  i can't decide what i want to do, and i really need to order bedding soon, or right after christmas, if i'm getting it custom made.  here's 1 set that ben likes.  i think that's what's making it so hard is picking something that we both agree on.  should the daddy have a say??  i'm not so sure... :)
we got our tree up last week, and i have been doing a lot of grocery shopping, christmas shopping, and preparing for christmas parties.  i heart christmas parties!!  this past weekend we had a convention to go to with farm bureau.  austin spent the night with her grandma and grandpa saturday night.  she had a great time!  they went to a christmas parade, and played at home.  my stepmom had just gotten a new ipad, so of course austin was entertained.  they sent me these... :)
after we picked her up sunday, we got back to the hotel really late after the general session at the convention.  she was worn out.
sleeping beauty
i was so excited this year because i won a christmas cookie jar at the silent auction. this is our first cookie jar!  ben said it probably came from the dollar store and i paid way too much.  ha!
2011-12-07 10.44.36.jpg
now i'm getting ready to start my christmas baking!  yay!

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