Saturday, December 17, 2011

austin update - 27 months

  • you weigh 26 lbs.
  • you are 35.75 inches tall.
  • you are in a size 4 diaper.
  • you are in a size 6 shoe.
  • you are wearing all 2T clothes, and can still wear your 18 month matilda jane.
  • you will use the big potty every once in a while, but you will never tell me before you need to go.
  • your hair has gotten so long, and you like to help me pick out a bow when you're getting dressed.
  • you refuse to wear socks on your feet around the house.  as soon as we get home, you take your socks and shoes off.
  • you love love love love love to color, draw, and paint.
  • you started drawing a "happy face" all by yourself.  you will also draw a mad face, and a sad face.
  • you have learned how to march at school, so you march all over our house.  also, you say, "ready, set, go!," and run.  you learned that at school too.
  • you always want your toenails painted pink.  daddy painted them for you a couple of weeks ago.  it was so cute.
  • you want to wear pajamas 24/7.  i can't blame you, i would too if i could.  when you recognize that we're on our way home from somewhere, you start asking to put on your jammies.  you say, "jammies on??"  and then proceed to tell me which pair of jammies that you want to wear.
  • you are still sucking your paci a lot.  you call it your pac (pronounced "pass").
  • you call your blanket your "ankie."
  • you love to work puzzles, and you're really good at it.
  • your favorite characters right now are mickey and minnie mouse.  i'm so glad you are passed the elmo stage.
  • you are sleeping in your own bed for the most part.  it is a fight to get you to go to sleep on your own, but you will get there.  you go to bed around 8, and get up around 8.  you take around a 2 hour nap in the afternoons.
  • you are forward facing in your carseat now (as of this week), and it makes me a little sad, but it is very convenient, and you talk to me a lot more, which i love.
  • you are starting to put small sentences together.
  • you like to sing twinkle, twinkle, Jesus loves me, the cleanup song, the elmo song, and jingle bells.
  • you are still very much a momma's girl.  lately you want me to rock you every night again.
  • you are playing more and more imaginative play.  where did my little baby go?
  • you love to help me cook dinner in the evenings.  you usually hold the measuring cups or spoons for me, rake food into the pot, etc.  i have to be careful because you put your fingers in your mouth, so i don't let you around eggs or raw meat.
  • you have been having date night with daddy on tuesday nights while i have bible study at our house.  you 2 have fun together, and i'm glad that you get to spend 1 on 1 time.  daddy says you are so good for him in stores.
  • you are so good at independent play.  the helpers at church and everyone comments on how well you play.
  • you love it when i let you put on a little makeup.  it's always eyeshadow or powder, and you brush it everywhere.
  • you love cinnamon rolls.  you ask for them all of the time.  the same goes for pizza.
  • you say the word "ackie" for monkey, cookie, and mickey.  :)
  • you don't like for your hands to be dirty, so after you eat anything (or playing with markers, etc.) you run to my bathtub to wash your hands.  you yell for me to come and give you some soap.
  • you ask me every day to go to gammy's house.
  • you yell, "home!!!!!" when we pull into our neighborhood or garage.
  • you are doing so good in school, and learning so fast.  you love it, and haven't cried but once or twice lately during drop-off.  those days are always when you're too sleepy.
  • you would eat cereal 3 meals a day if i would let you.
  • you pat your belly if someone asks you where baby bennett is.
  • you have a couple of nicknames that we call you.  1 is austi bug (they call the bugs austi bugs on yo gabba gabba, so your teachers even call you that), and the other is freddie.  i got that 1 from "are you ready, freddie?" and it has stuck somehow.  it's so cute because you will even call yourself austi bug sometimes.
you are a princess.

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