Monday, November 21, 2011

weekend at gammy's

austin stayed with our parents when she was a baby and we had to go out of town.  she also spent the night with them the day and night that we moved into our house.  now that she's older, she's never had a weekend at their house like i remember as a kid.  she finally had her first opportunity to go, and she didn't want to come home!
caramel dip... yum!
she got to make her own pizza for supper.  :)
and play with pe-paw a lot!
of course, a little elmo time.
ben and i had a great weekend while she was gone.  we missed her, and felt lost at times, but it was nice to have a break.  :)  we went to breakfast saturday morning, which we never get to do.
2011-11-19 09.43.04.jpg
also, the main reason that austin went was because ben and i, and our friends chelsea and alex had a harry potter marathon.  :)  we've been wanting to watch all of the movies straight through for a while now.  we got through all of them but the last 2, so we'll have to watch those another time soon.  thank goodness alex was there... he answered all of our questions, so i finally feel like i decently understand what's going on.  i still haven't read the books!  :(

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