Tuesday, November 8, 2011

random stuff and a name

austin seems to be getting so big lately. the way she plays is changing, and she's more into coloring than ever. she likes to play mommy sometimes, and take care of her babies. here she is about to "change" one's diaper. that was my baby doll when i was little. :)
daddy is always good for random things. :)
the other night after her bath, she decided that she would put daddy to bed instead of the other way around. :)
we clean our house on tuesdays (because i have bible study here tuesday nights, so it gets me motivated), and she LOVES to help me all day on tuesday. i give her furniture wipes, and she loves to clean.
last but not least, we have finally decided on baby boy's name... :)
Bennett Cole


Lane said...

I love the name!!!

Too Much Good said...

Bennett is so sweet! I love it! Isn't it such an amazing feeling when they go from "Baby" to their own person?