Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween 2011

austin and her friends at school had a party the morning of halloween. they had yummy snacks, cupcakes, juice, candy, favor bags, etc. they are always so cute! i love watching them interact.
after nap time, we waited on daddy to get home so we could go out to trick or treat.  we left daddy at home to pass out candy.  here's little miss snow white... :)
our 1st stop was our next door neighbor's house. we have the best neighbors, and we are so thankful!  austin was more interested in the ghost beside the door than the candy, but she quickly learned that it was ALL about the candy!  :)
this is one of her babysitters, miss megan, and another neighbor's little girl, marley. austin looooooves marley. if she comes over to play, austin always cries when she leaves, and wants to go to marley's house.
our pumpkin this year! daddy did a good job!
we trick or treated all over our neighborhood, and also went to visit some friends in a neighborhood nearby.  we had the best time!

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