Tuesday, November 29, 2011

give thanks

we had a wonderful thanksgiving week! austin and i left home on monday, and headed to gammy's house. she had just gotten home from there on sunday, and sunday night, and all day monday she begged to go back. as soon as we got there, she made herself at home. :)
my papaw got to town on wednesday, and we all went to lunch and had bbq. it was so good! that's what i love most about mom's town is all of the great restaurants. when we got home, mom and i started baking and cooking for thanksgiving. austin was always willing to help clean.
she was a little crabby on thanksgiving morning. we think she may have had a tummy ache. her and daddy ran to the store for some medicine, and came home with m&m's. :)
austin looooooved the thanksgiving food. the ham was her favorite, which she calls "meat."
a little relaxing with papaw...
worn out at the end of the day, but i love my family!

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