Monday, October 31, 2011

busy weekend

we had a busy, but very fun long halloween weekend! we went down south on friday to visit with family. it's been WAY too long since we went. we spent a little time with papaw...
our main reason for going was because my dad graduated from police academy! i think it's so random that he chose to do this, but he's only volunteering right now. i think he plans to maybe work part time when he retires from his day job.
when we got home on saturday, we carved our pumpkin.
austin wasn't the least bit interested in it. here's what she was doing while we carved...
on sunday, ben and i had a date night, and gammy and pepaw came to keep miss priss. we went to see the goo goo dolls in concert. we had such a great time!! i have always loved the goo goo dolls, and have always wanted to see them live.
2011-10-30 19.28.05.jpgIMG_5874

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