Friday, November 18, 2011

1st haircut

i finally worked up enough courage to get austin's hair trimmed. i have been protective of her hair, and haven't wanted it trimmed at all until now. this was stressing me out...
there was just no order to it anymore, and as a hair stylist, it was starting to get the best of me. it was time.  we got it done yesterday.
she did not like sitting in the chair without me, and she did NOT like the cape. :) i made her wear it though. gotta learn to be a big girl. she cried and fussed some, but it could've been worse.
why didn't i cut it?  reason 1... i figured that austin would do much better for someone else.  2... i wanted to be able to take photos.  3... i have mysteriously lost my scissors.  (seriously, can't find them anywhere. :( )  so, miss misty got the honors.  she cuts my hair.  she also lives in my neighborhood, and is in my bunko group.  she was so sweet, and even gave austin a popsicle when she was done.  :)
muuuuuuch better.
p.s... she has played with these puzzles so much lately. she loves them.
after the haircut, we went to have lunch with daddy. we just so happened to eat at subway (because i had a buy 1, get 1 free coupon), and miss hollie was there!  we were so glad that we got to eat together!
2011-11-17 13.23.17.jpg
back at the farm, we found kenya asleep in the combine. :) a usual place of rest for him.
2011-11-17 13.46.12.jpg

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