Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what we've been up to

it feels like the beginning of our weeks are really busy, and then by thursday and friday, i am so bored.  ha!  i had to go back to the doctor yesterday for my actual check up, and i'm measuring on target, and the heartbeat was 150. 

austin has discovered that she loves halloween because there is always candy around!!  for some reason, it seems that she calls candy "pills."  i have no idea where she got that from.  (notice her shirt... go giants!!!!! :))
we've had some cooler days lately, which were so nice.  it also rained on sunday, making it pretty cold for october.  we've been snuggling in our jammies, and...
2011-10-19 20.22.35.jpg
enjoying the fire.  i love waking up on cold mornings, and being able to light the fireplace.  not the same as a chimney fire, but it sure is more convenient!
2011-10-19 20.21.57.jpg
austin ran by me the other day, and i thought she was bleeding.  turned out, she had been in my lipstick.  :)  silly goose...
2011-10-18 16.48.55.jpg2011-10-18 16.49.09.jpg
her funny thing lately is that she calls the farm "e-i-o."  you can say, "where does daddy work?" or "do you want to go see daddy?"  her response is "E-I-O!!"  :)  she came up with that all by herself.  well, i think she had a little help from baby einstein.

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Lane said...

Such a cutie! Ellington would be jealous of her Elmo shirt. :)