Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend recap

we had a fun weekend!! we went to the farm on friday, and rode with daddy in the combine. we are so ready for harvest to be over this year! we stayed in the "camphouse," and austin and i had fun watching old movies. i got her to watch charlotte's web, and i didn't remember how sad that movie is! what is with kids movies?! we went out to dinner friday night with miss hollie, aka lala. i was a loser and forgot to take a photo. :( the next morning, we had to improvise for austin to eat her cereal. :)
2011-10-08 08.17.25.jpg
saturday, austin also had a birthday party to attend.  miss lilli katherine turned 3, and she had a "tangled" theme party.  it was so cute! notice everything was served in iron skillets! :) so cute! (you have to see the movie to understand that!)
her mom, jessica, did a wonderful job decorating...
she even had this to take their photos...
austin was a handful that day, and i wasn't feeling up to par so i had to ask for help. she was running around like a wild indian, i kid you not. i finally got her to calm down to watch gifts being unwrapped, and to eat a little cake. here she is playing with minnie...
sunday, austin wore the cutest alice in wonderland dress to church, but i couldn't get a good photo... :( this was after she woke up from her nap.
that afternoon, ben and i put her new trampoline together. she was the happiest child. ha! i knew she would love it.
and later that night, we got boo'ed!! i was so excited!!! :) this was one of the things that i looked forward to most about living in a neighborhood... enjoying holidays together.

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