Sunday, October 16, 2011

pumpkinpalooza and maroon madness

we had a fun night friday night.  gammy came into town to go with us downtown to pumpkinpalooza.  we ate dinner at mugshots first, and as you can see, austin was ready to eat some french fries.  :)
2011-10-14 17.30.12.jpg
i didn't dress austin up in her halloween costume because if i wash the shirt, it will come apart.  you'll understand when you see it.  :)  so she wore a cute little pumpkin outfit.  we trick-or-treated at the downtown businesses, and it was a mad house!  there were so many people and kids everywhere!!  we didn't even take time to get out photo taken with bully this time.
after we walked around pumpkinpalooza for a little while, we went over to campus to the hump for maroon madness.  the volleyball coach and her husband (she's stooping down, and he's standing with a black shirt and maroon tie) go to church with us, and we've been wanting to go a game for a long time.  this was finally a great time, since i had gammy with me for back up.  :)
2011-10-14 19.42.04.jpg
it was called maroon madness because they wanted to break a record of attendance for volleyball, and they did!  there were over 4,000 people there, which i believe they said was a state record.  after msu beat kentucky in volleyball, the men's and women's basketball teams were introduced and scrimmaged.  they also gave away a lot of prizes to students.  austin did great.  she watched the volleyball game, and then she got interested in the halloween candy in my purse.  :(  we stayed until the women's team started scrimmaging, and then miss priss started getting restless.
2011-10-14 19.44.27.jpg

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