Friday, October 28, 2011

my favorite things... october edition.

blistex dct
this has been my favorite chapstick for many years now.  i have several differnent kinds (mostly blistex) scattered around my house and in my purse, but this is old faithful.

some friends and i started doing this study a few weeks ago.  i started it years ago, but was only able to do the first 4 weeks.  it is so good!  i am really enjoying learning things about the book of daniel that i never knew before.

i have had this book since the week it was released last spring.  i've known the story of the smith family and their daughter audrey, but i didn't feel like i could read the book yet.  i finally felt led to read it this month, and it was A-MAZING.  i bought her second book right away, but i haven't started on it yet.

i have had so much fun on pinterest lately organizing things that i see for the new nursery.  i am slightly annoyed that anyone and everyone can sign up now, but oh well.  ha!

this is austin's new favorite thing.  she will sit down for a looooong time and play puzzles on my phone.  she can work them in no time.

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