Friday, October 14, 2011

day on the farm

by the time thursday and friday roll around each week, i'm usually bored out of my mind.  it has been raining here, so work on the farm has been a little low key the last couple of days.  austin and i rode down yesterday to eat lunch with daddy.  it was nice to just get out of the house.  austin had fun playing in the office with tractors, old phones, calculators, etc. i also printed her off a sesame street coloring page, and she colored with highlighters. :)
2011-10-13 15.22.50.jpg2011-10-13 15.26.06.jpg2011-10-13 15.26.22.jpg2011-10-13 15.28.29.jpg
on our drive home, i had to pull over and take a photo of the clouds. they were stunning...
2011-10-13 15.51.32.jpg
here's my sweet girl in this outfit last year, and today.  gotta love matilda jane!  she has grown so much!!
mj outfit

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