Friday, October 21, 2011

boy or girl??

we will find out monday (hopefully) if this baby is a boy or a girl.  we just mainly want to know that it's healthy, but i hope it cooperates with us so we can see if it's a he or a she!  i got this idea from leslie to answer old wives tales, and see what we come up with!

are you carrying high or low?  low - BOY

is the heartbeat above or below 140?  above - GIRL

are you craving sweet or salty snacks?  sweet - GIRL

what does the chinese gender predictor say?  BOY

mayan gender predictor (age and year of conception are odd numbers) - GIRL

do you pick a key up by the large round part, or narrow part?  large round - BOY

do you feel like you are glowing or is your face breaking out?  in my 1st trimester i broke out alot - GIRL.  now, not so much - BOY

do you have morning sickness?  not bad this pregnancy - BOY

soft or dry skin?  a little dry - BOY

are you craving citrus?  nope - BOY

are you craving fruit or meat?  fruit - GIRL

dreams?  i've dreamed twice lately that it's a BOY

how are you carrying the extra weight?  i haven't gained a lot, and it is all in the belly - BOY

does the hair on your legs grow faster or slower?  i haven't really noticed a huge difference, but i would say slightly slower - GIRL

do you eat the end pieces on a loaf of bread?  no - GIRL

pendullum test: back and forth - GIRL

BOY = 9        GIRL = 8

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Allison Guerra said...

Woohoo im excited and cant wait!!! Ive never known the chinese predictor to be wrong! :) Cant wait to hear!!