Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sunday fun

we had a fun day on sunday.  ben went back to the farm to work right after the party was over, and he ended up spending the night.  ann marie decided to spend the night with us girls, and go to church with us.  we had so much fun!  i was SO thankful that she stayed because after the party, i was SO wiped out, i don't think i could've handled austin by myself!
austin sported her new converse shoes to church sunday.  :)  and as you can see, she wanted to wear her socks all. day. long.  oh, and elmo was/is with us at all times.
after church, we went to lunch at one of our favorite places, and low and behold... i found out for the first time that dessert is included in the kids meal.  i was a little irritated because we eat there a lot, and we've never been offered dessert for austin!  oh well... life goes on.  but you can bet from now on, someone will be eating dessert!
2011-09-18 14.01.29.jpg
we had to celebrate that the saints won, so austin wore her new jersey for small group. she was mad at me because i made her take off her socks. ha!  we had small group at our house, and she had fun entertaining everyone!
2011-09-18 18.11.07.jpg

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