Friday, September 23, 2011

school party

austin's class at school had her a little birthday party monday morning.  it was so cute.  they did it during their breakfast time, and i got tickled because they had cereal, toast, and birthday cake.  ha!  i was glad she got to wear her alice dress another day.  surprisingly, all of the icing stains came out in the wash.
we were singing "happy birthday," and i think the kids were wondering what we were doing!
austin had a big button on her back that said "it's my birthday!"
her friends that couldn't make the party were charley, ellington, anderson, and arlee.  here are ellington and anderson enjoying their piece of cake!  i took them their coloring books from the party, and i had enough lollipops left to take to her whole class that day.
and here's austin's friend charley, aka char char, or larley, as austin calls him.  :)  he wasn't very interested in eating cake.  :)  you can tell he's one of the coolest kids ever by his shirt.  ;)
mrs. tiffany and arlee gave austin the cutest mud pie apron for her birthday. i will have to try to get her photo in it soon!

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Lane said...

Sweet pictures! The one of Ellington cracks me up...she's really enjoying that cake! What a mouth full. :)