Saturday, September 10, 2011

random and 11 weeks

yes, i have been neglecting my blog.  yes, i am sorry, and YES, i will TRY to do better.  :)
we have been relaxing at home... preparing for the big birthday party... watching movies... ready for football... trying to keep food down... busy with church... you know, the usual.

here's my 11 week (and 2 days) photo...
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 11 weeks
Size of baby: a fig
Total Weight Gain/Loss: none!
Maternity Clothes: none
Gender: don't know yet!
Movement: can't feel anything yet.
Sleep: same as last week... i sleep fine, but sometimes wake up sick around 5am.
What I miss: nothing really.
Cravings: sweets!
Symptoms: mostly just nauseous, but it's not every day now.
Best Moment this week: being able to tell everyone!!

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