Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my favorite things... september edition.

i have been using aloette for a while now, and my skin has been doing great.  until the pregnancy hormones started kicking in.  my face has been so broken out that i feel like i'm 13 again.  so i ditched all of my expensive stuff, and went to old faithful.  my face is looking better, and it feels great.  it gets makeup off and cleans in 1 step.  no need for a toner on cotton pad, and i only use a little of the cepaphil moisturizer in the morning.  life is simple again.

i love her new show!!!  her food is so simple.  she doesn't use a ton of ingredients, and most things you already have in your pantry.  if you're not watching, you're missing out!  :)

i have been shopping etsy for fall, thanksgiving, and christmas clothes for austin.  you can get a pillowcase dress for $18-30 and they will wear it for a couple of years.  (you can find this adorable halloween dress here.)  there are also precious jumpers and pant sets with ruffle pants.  SO cute, and most everyone that i have bought from have been great to work with, and willing to customize to my likings.  i like to have austin a mixture of play clothes, matilda jane, and things like this from etsy that have her monogram or name on them.

i'm sure i've said this at least 100 times on my blog, but i love me some old navy.  it is the BEST place to get pajamas and play clothes.  every 6 months, i place a large order, and order austin's pajamas and playclothes for the next season.  i just placed an EXTRA large order today for me some winter maternity clothes, ben some clothes, and austin a few things.  (i have cash from her birthday, so i have a date with our local old navy monday morning!)  i mean seriously... it can't get any better.  1 stop shopping for the whole family, and all from the comfort of my own home.  ;)  (and p.s. i'm SO mad at myself because i forgot to use ebates today!  UGH!)

apple cider
it's that time of year again, and i'm SO glad!!!!!  i looooove apple cider!


Jaclyn said...

Girl I hear you about the skin! My skin has been breaking out like crazy this pregnancy. I even have MELASMA. As someone who has never had issues with my skin ever, this is a rude awakening indeed.

Katie said...

You just reminded me that I have a box of instant apple cider packets that I forgot about! I'm too wiped to do a favorites post tonight, maybe tomorrow :)