Monday, September 26, 2011

good week, great weekend!

since we got some rain on monday, i planned a girls night out with some friends, and let austin and daddy have a date tuesday night.  they went to 1 of daddy's favorite places, zaxby's.  she is always so good for him, and then he asks me why i say she's hard to handle.  WHY does it always happen that way?!  i think they also went to the grocery store and to lowe's.
we had a low-key week, which was nice, and gammy came to visit on friday.  we went out to eat, and then to a downtown block party that our town had.  it was so fun!  they started doing this on home-game weekends, and i'm so glad.  it's good family fun.  austin had a great time jumping in the big jumper, she made a tile with her hand print, we did a little shopping, and visited with bully.  she was not into him at all.  ha!  the whole reason i was gung-ho on going was because there was supposed to be chinese letter art, and i wanted something for austin's room.  well, that was the 1 booth that never opened.  haha... things like that always happen to me.  :)  but we had a great time regardless, and ran into several friends.  austin was perfectly content cruising around in her stroller.
2011-09-23 18.40.30.jpg
saturday, we went to the farm to take daddy some lunch, and to pick up a few things.  hollie came to pick up miss priss to take her to see disney live.  she wanted to do that for her for part of her birthday gift. they said she talked a lot on their trip. :) i told them just to thank the Lord that she wasn't screaming. :)
miss hollie and miss priss... 2 peas in a pod...
intermission with julianna...
i wonder what she was doing or thinking in this photo... haha!
while they were gone, ben and i went on a date, and watched our bulldogs play on t.v.!  we won in overtime!
thank you girls for taking her on such a fun date!  since she enjoyed it so much, i think we will try to take her to see disney on ice in december. and personally, i want to see it myself! :) sunday, we had a fun day at church, and i made steak and onion sandwiches for dinner. they were so good! we had small group at our house, and i made potato soup. i love having everyone over when we can just relax and enjoy.

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