Monday, September 19, 2011

austin's wonderland

(i'm breaking birthday photos up into 2 posts)
since austin was in love with "alice in wonderland" practically all year long, i decided to do a tea party for her birthday. at the last minute, i wondered what i had gotten myself into... a tea party with a bunch of babies?? but it turned out fine, and i think they all had fun, so that was all that mattered. i spent months shopping thrift stores, and antique stores for teapots, teacups, and saucers.
these were just some bottles that i had in my kitchen cabinet.  one of them is an old olive oil bottle.  ha!  the butterflies came from century novelty.
i dipped some cheap paintbrushes in red paint and let it dry, and scattered a deck of cards everywhere.
austin's place setting...  cup and saucer from
for napkin rings, i bought some rings at walmart, and tied balloon ribbon to each one, and curled it up. so cheap, and SO cute!
i got glitter scrapbook paper and cut out teapots.  i already had some round sticker labels, so i printed a picture of alice with the words "austin's 2nd un-birthday!!" and glued a tiny pink ribbon to the top.  each teacup had a caffeine-free teabag inside, but of course none of them got used.  :)
i bought fresh flowers saturday morning for bright, colorful, easy, and fast decor in the teapots!  all of the clear cups, plates, and napkins came from party city.  i just bought a variety of colors.
everyone had balloons...
i found alice in wonderland coloring books on ebay, and i bought all that the guy had.  he had just the amount that i needed.  i tied them up with pretty ribbon, and attached a cheap pack of crayons.
also while searching "alice in wonderland" on ebay, i came across this lady that makes lollipops.  she can do whatever character you choose.  let me know if you want her info and i will look it up.  she had a sticker on the back of each one with a picture of alice and "austin's 2nd birthday."
pink sugar-rimmed cups with silly straws for the lemonade...
the cookie mama made cookies for me.  i was in love with them.  they were just too cute.
austin loves grapes, so we cut grapes in half.  we also had little bitty peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with these card picks.  you can see one on the background of the cookie photo above.  card picks were from century novelty.
i also had a large mad hatter had that i got from century novelty, and a large plastic pocket watch, but somehow they didn't make a single photo?!  not sure how that happened.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You really out did yourself. Everything is gorgeous. If you ever want a job you should start a party planning business, I'm serious!