Saturday, September 17, 2011

2 years!!

  • you weigh 24 lbs and 8 oz.
  • you are 34.5 inches tall.
  • you are in a size 4 diaper.  we finally moved you up, and they are pretty big on you, but they haven't leaked.
  • you are in a size 5 shoe, and sometimes a 6 now.
  • you wear size 18-24 month clothes.  your new clothes for winter are 24 months or 2T.  it feels so weird for me to shop in the toddler section and look for 2T.
  • you have started having separation anxiety with me, and it has been horrible.  i hope and pray that this phase passes quickly.
  • you are learning so much at school, and you are starting to count everything!  you will to 10 on your own, but you always start at 2 instead of 1.  ha!
  • you are starting to identify letters.  the cutest one that you say is "h."  gammy loves to hear you say it.
  • you are also identifying numbers, and learning more colors.
  • you have a new found love for elmo, and all things elmo.
  • your new favorite disney movie is the little mermaid.
  • you ask for everything we pass in the grocery store or at walmart.
  • you are still obsessed with cereal. you want it probably 4 times a day. you picked out apple jacks all by yourself at walmart the other night.
  • your favorite person is pe-paw.
  • you are still sucking your paci, and you carry your blanket everywhere (except for school).
  • your sleep habits are still all messed up, but we are slowly getting better.
  • you will sleep in the bed with me and daddy.  i don't know how to break this habbit, but it has got to break soon!!
  • you are so attached to your mama!  the sweetest thing is that when we are laying in bed at night, you will sometimes reach over and pat me and say "mama," and want to hold my hand.
one year ago...
"Jesus said, 'let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” -matthew 19:14

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