Saturday, September 3, 2011

10 weeks and pregnancy details

this time, i knew that i was pregnant right away.  i probably knew at 3 or 4 weeks.  i kept it a secret from ben for a while until i could take a pregnancy test.  when i did, and 2 of them were positive, i started thinking of how i wanted to tell him.  i had decided to get him a cake with "daddy again" or something like that from coldstone.  well sunday morning, aug. 7th, i had to ask him to make me decaf coffee instead of regular before church, and i totally gave myself away.  :)
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we had our first ob appointment aug. 31st, and everything looked great.  the baby was just laying there chilling out, which was VERY different from austin's sonogram, so i'm praying and believing that this will be a VERY laid back and easy-going child.  austin got hand foot and mouth last week from school, so i had to go in and get my blood tested to be sure that the fetus was ok.  so far so good, but i have to be retested in a few weeks.  i also did the first round of prenatal blood work, and had a not-so-good experience.  the nurses were sweethearts, but one of the veins in my hand blew, so they had a hard time guessing what to do.  it was right before lunch, and i started feeling like i was going to pass out, so i had to lay down, and ben came in and got me some wet paper towels for my forehead.  nurses can never hit veins in my arm, but i told them they could try in my arm if they were 100% confident in the vein, and they ended up finding one that worked.  thank goodness it was over pretty fast after that.  they told me from now on, just ask to lay down from the start.  :)
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Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 10 weeks
Size of baby: kumquat
Total Weight Gain/Loss: none!
Maternity Clothes: none
Gender: don't know yet!
Movement: can't feel anything yet.
Sleep: i sleep good until about 4am, when i wake up sick.  if i take a pill before bed, i sleep great, but have a hard time getting up in the morning.  sometimes i take a zofran around 4 or 5am.
What I miss: nothing except ben bought me a bottle of my all time favorite wine right before i got pregnant, so now i just have to look at the unopened bottle.
Cravings: sweets!
Symptoms: nauseous and soooo tired.  the worst is that i gag every time i have to change austin's diaper.  :(
Best Moment this week: seeing the sonogram!

here we are at 10 weeks.  (thursday, sept. 1st)
10 weeks
we are due march 29th!

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