Wednesday, August 17, 2011

twenty three months

  • you weigh 24 lbs and 12oz.
  • you are 34 inches long.
  • you are in a size 3 diaper, and will very soon be moving to a 4, finally.
  • you wear 18-24 month clothes, and a couple of 2T things.
  • you are in a size 5 shoe, and about to outgrow them.  i'm trying to at least make it through summer before we buy new ones.
  • you have learned so many new words lately that i probably can't name most of them.  a few are pe-paw, dirty, here you go, rice, cereal, bar, etc.
  • you can count to 3, but i can't get you to go any further yet.
  • your favorite stuffed animals are minnie mouse, giraffe, and hello kitty.
  • you favorite movie right now is toy story.
  • you love love love cereal.  and yogurt.  and pudding.
  • you are doing so well with school.  you seem to really love it, and i can really tell it is benefiting you.
  • your hair is getting so long.  i really need to take you and get it trimmed, but i haven't made the time to do it.
  • you still love to sit in your room and "read," and i'm so glad.  i hope you are a good reader.
  • you love to play pat-a-cake and sing songs with motions like itsy bitsy spider.  you learned the clean up song at school, and you love to sing it too.
  • you beg for cookies all. day. long.
  • you are going to bed around 8, and sleeping until 8 or 9 if it's not a school day.
  • you have been refusing naps lately, and i seriously pray that it's just a little phase and will pass.
  • you have started showing a little bit of a "terrible two" attitude.  you refuse to stay in the corner, you throw fits over silly things, and you love to tell me "no."
  • you love to snack on applesauce, raisins, craisins, fruit bars, cheese, etc.
  • you have started being a handful at night time, and refusing to stay in your bed no matter how much or how we discipline you.  finally to get you to go to sleep, one of us (usually me since daddy has been working a lot) lays in the floor beside your bed until you fall asleep.
  • you used to sleep all night in your room and wake me up around 7, but now in the middle of the night you come to our room and get in bed with us.  sometimes i will take you back to your room, but usually you end up sleeping with us the rest of the night.  we have created a monster.  ha!

one year ago...

"in peace i will lie down and sleep, for you alone, o Lord, will keep me safe." -psalm 4:8

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Shannon Willcutt said...

She is so cute!! I am excited to finally get to meet you next month!!