Thursday, August 18, 2011

play date

austin had her first park play date yesterday with her BFF.  (all we know is that their teachers say they're BFF's at school.) 
i hadn't taken austin to the park all summer, except for when we had a church event there, because of the heat. i thought it was supposed to cool off this week, but i was wrong. (some little boy misplaced his firetruck, and austin thought it was cool.)
miss ellington is such a cutie!!  she has such an awesome vocabulary and speech, i'm hoping she will rub off on miss priss!  :)
sweet girls...


Lane said...

I love the pictures! We'll have to do it again soon when it actually COOLS DOWN...hopefully it won't be much longer!!
And I'll totally take you with me next time. :) I LOVE going to consignment sales. There is one starting Thursday in Jackson that I want to go to SO bad, but I don't think I'm going to make it. I am definitely going in the Spring!!!

Shannon Willcutt said...

I made cookies for Ellington's first birthday! She is a cutie! And her Mama is very sweet!!