Sunday, August 28, 2011

my favorite things... august edition.

i have been watching a lot of movies lately, so i'm dedicating this favorite things to movies!! here are some that i've watched lately and really liked...

country strong
some would say this movie is slow, and some would probably say that it's depressing, but i really liked it for some weird reason.  i love country music, and i loved all of the music that was in here.  i also really liked the story.

how to train your dragon
this is one of the cutest kids movies that i've seen in a long time.  it is the sweetest story.

i've been hearing about this movie for months, and how i need to get it for austin.  well it finally came on starz, so i recorded it, and it is super cute!  austin likes it, but she won't sit down and focus on it for a long time.

the young victoria
my obsession for the british monarchy often spills over into my movie selections.  i love this movie!  it is the love story of queen victoria and prince albert in the 1800s.  it's so sweet to actually know their love story, since so many times they were forced to marry for different reasons.  i also love getting a small peek into life back then.

the king's speech
i'm late in seeing this, but it's another british monarchy favorite... this movie is sooooo great.  it deserved every award that it won.  amazing acting by colin firth.

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Hollie said...

Clearly, I needed to know that Austin wouldn't sit and watch that movie.... I tried the entire time we watched to get her to sit still, but she just wanted to climb all over LaLa!