Tuesday, August 9, 2011

first day - fall 2011

austin had her first day of school yesterday for the fall semester. she has been at home with me for over a week while school was closed for teacher/classroom preparations, and it was about to kill us both!  she is such a happier child when she is enjoying school, and on a better routine.  i feel like i don't keep her busy enough at home with fun activities and crafts, so i'm really glad that she can enjoy it.
at the start of this semester, all of the kids in her class moved up except for her.  she is the oldest in the class (thanks to her birthday), which is good.  i'm glad she went through the summer to learn the ropes, and now i think she's a pack leader.  ha!  several of her friends from church are now in her class.
she doesn't look too happy here, but i promise she was.  she has never cried during drop-off.  her teachers, mrs. tiffany and mrs. amy, are GEMS.  we are so thankful for them!

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