Monday, July 4, 2011

weekend fun

we had a great 4th of july weekend!  we visited the farm for a little bit on saturday, and took another load to the new house.  everything is moved except 1 large cabinet that is slap full of my china, my granny's china, and all of my platters and serving pieces.  after that we just hung around the house doing nothing.  austin snuck away to our bed every chance she got that day.  i'm not sure why.  she also had a baby bottle on each arm, if you can tell.
sunday was a fun day at church! my friend sarah moved a several weeks ago, and they were home for the holiday weekend. this is rebekah, sarah, and me after church. 
austin and her daughter ava are buddies!  here they were at lunch...
after church, we took a long nap, went to lowe's, had a hamburger date with daddy, and went to austin's friend sophie's house to get some hand-me-down clothes! austin and sophie had fun playing in sophie's tent castle. :)

love my girl!  she wore the cutest smocked dress to church on sunday, and i got it on ebay for $25.

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