Saturday, July 9, 2011

skyline for judah!

my friend jessica is expecting a little boy, judah, next month, so some of us girls got together and had her a baby shower on thursday night!
judah's bedding will be the skyline print from dwell studio, so we made that our "theme" for the shower.  isn't it so cute and original??  his room is going to be precious!
jessica's best friend, christy, (also our senior pastor's wife) is an artist, so we asked her to do a couple of paintings for us to use as decoration, and then they can hang in judah's nursery.
we had no idea how to make decorations for a skyline, but my friend chelsea came up with this great idea!
they really were easier to make than they look!  :)
we used flower planters, florist foam, astro-turf, spray paint, felt, yarn, buttons, sticks, cotton balls, and a lot of hot glue!  :)  the balloons were tied with clear fishing line, and we glued cotton balls to make them look like clouds. 
we used the bottoms of the flower planters to make lower ones for the tables, so that we could see over then to talk.
fun with friends!
jessica (in purple) and her hostesses!  now we're ready for judah to arrive!  :)

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