Monday, July 18, 2011

our weekend

friday, gammy and pepaw came to visit us.  we went out to dinner, and then they took austin home so that ben and i could have a double date night with some friends.  we went to see harry potter, and it was sooooo good!  they spent the night with us because our movie didn't start until almost 10pm.  saturday, us girls had a lazy day.  no makeup, lounge clothes... we even went out in public looking horrible.  ha!  we went to get ice cream, and then to a local boutique.  sunday, austin was such a sweet girl.  we had a great day at church!  we had a guest speaker, and he rocked it!!  it was amazing!  if you want to watch it on video, click HERE.  the topic was "authentic discipleship."
after church, we had lunch and a short meeting with friends, and then we had to stop and get some butterbeer.  :)  if you presented your harry potter movie ticket, you got 10% off.
austin and her daddy had fun playing the rest of the day and night.  as you can see... :)

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Shannon Willcutt said...

The picture of austin in her Daddy's socks is so cute! I love pictures like that!!