Sunday, July 31, 2011

my favorite things... july edition.

i ran out of laundry soap a few weeks ago, and had to place an order with goat milk stuff.  i'm always glad when this time rolls around, because it's my time to stock up on bar soaps, and possible try some of their new products.  i decided to try their sugar scrub cubes, and oh... my... gosh... i wish i had ordered a whole jar full.  at first, i thought it was a little rough on my skin, but it soon softened up.  you use 1 whole cube each time, and after you scrub with it, you crush it in your hands, and it's like it magically turns to soap.  then you rub the soap everywhere, and rinse off.  my skin was SO soft, and i tried it in my favorite scent, pink sugary.

i decided that it was time for me to add this to my favorites.  i have been using this body butter for, i kid you not, 10 years.  not sure how many containers that has been, but it lasts me a long time.  my favorite is using it after my shower in the summer time, because the coconut scent is really strong, so some people say it smells like tanning oil.  i do use it in the winter too, because it's made for normal to dry skin.  oh, and it moisturizes for 24 hours.

i know y'all think i'm a crazy person getting all of our stuff from them, but when it comes to stain removal... it's serious business.  i decided to try their stain stick, because with austin, i have to treat probably at least 1 stain per load of laundry.  i have never ever ever ever ever used a product that got stains out like this bar.  i can see the stain disappearing as i rub it on the material.  i'm not even exaggerating. 

isn't this cute????  i have been on their website a lot lately, trying to decide what kind of things i want to get austin for this fall and winter.  i love how they mix and match so many things.

this lady has the prettiest pillow covers that i have ever seen!  she has beautiful textures, fabrics, and designs.  she is in india, and she works with a small team, but her shipping is pretty reasonable, if you're willing to buy outside of u.s.a.  i haven't bought any, but i love to look through her etsy store!  i would love to buy some in the future!


Amber said...

Hi there! Stopping by from Cleared for Takeoff. Love that throw pillow and I just love Gap's clothes for little ones :).

Plum Wonderful Momma said...

Found you from Katie's Linky. Okay I'm headed to order the goat milk stain remover as we speak! I've been looking for something like that. Thanks for sharing!!