Monday, July 25, 2011

the help

i am in a blog funk lately.  i haven't taken any photos, and i feel like i have nothing to say!  wow, did hell just freeze??  i think it may have.

anyway, have y'all read "the help?"
i'm probably the last woman south of the dixie mason to read it.  my mom has been obsessed with the book and the movie (they filmed most of it in the town she lives in!) for forever, and i borrowed it from her a while ago.  but let me tell y'all... i read it in 3 days!  it was SO good!!!  i could not put it down!  i am so excited for the movie to come out now!!


Grace said...

Yea I'm glad you read it!!!! They are advertising the movie on TV now it looks soo good.

Christy said...

I read this book this summer as well! I know what you mean about finishing it in 3 days! The movie trailers for it look so good! I can't wait! =)

Lisa & Ryan said...

My favorite book of the year. I read it straight in 13 hours. A friend of mine skipped work because she was so into it she had to finish it. Such a good book!