Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy 4th!

when we got home sunday night, someone (probably the man that we all call "mayor") stuck little flags and each mailbox in the neighborhood. we were so glad to see that!
gammy and pepaw came and spent the 4th with us.  we had a fun day!  we went to applebee's for lunch, which was fun because we haven't eaten there in forever.  after that, we hung out outside for most of the afternoon.
ben got austin's little pool blown up, and she was ready to strip. :)
pepaw's girl...
we have barbequed so much lately that we decided to do something different, so we made a chicken pasta salad that we all love.  my mom also made a fruit salad, and we had cupcakes and ice cream for dessert.  we watched the movie "secretariat" while austin took her nap, and it was wonderful!!  after they left, we tried to put austin to bed, but she wasn't having it. we ended up letting her stay up for a long time and watch the fireworks that the neighbors were doing. if we would've known that she was going to be up, we would've gone to the community fireworks show and saw the real deal. oh well... we had fun sitting outside, and we also met some new neighbors.

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