Tuesday, July 26, 2011

fun tuesday

we had a fun day today!  we went to lunch with our friends, ashlea, jet, and eva cate.  bless eva cate's heart, she fell asleep, and i forgot she was even with us!  i didn't get a photo of her (i should have!!), but i caught the 2 trouble makers in action.  ha!  austin thought it was fun to get jet to push her around in the high chair.  these 2 are so funny playing together!  i tried to get austin to push jet, but neither 1 of them wanted it that way.
after that, we met up with another friend, chelsea, and went to a couple of thrift stores for me to pick up some more teacups and saucers for miss priss' birthday party.  i scored big time today, and i think i have all that i will need. we went by for a sno cone, and then went home.  austin and i had notes from "la-la" aka miss hollie in the mail today!  (which is so funny because i was just talking about her at lunch.)  :)
austin was quite excited.
and she has been up to her mischievous ways ever since.  :)

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