Sunday, July 3, 2011

early 4th celebration

gammy and pepaw invited us to go with them to their community 4th of july celebration thursday night.  it has been a while since we went to visit them anyway, so we went, and had such a fun time!
we took all of our stuff and had a picnic in the park while listening to music.
uncle sam came to see us, and surprisingly didn't ask for any money.  :)
this was the stage area that they had set up.
it can be 110 degrees, and austin is still gonna carry around her blanket.
they had a boat parade around 7:30, and i thought that it was the cutest thing.  there is a river that runs right through their town, and this park is right beside it.  by the time 7:30 rolled around, austin wasn't into the boat parade, so as soon as it was over we left.  they had fireworks after, but we just had to miss it.
friday, we went to lunch with gammy and tried out a new restaurant.  it was really good!  after that we went to jcpenney's so i could hopefully find some new house-shoes, but i didn't.  leaving the penney's parking lot, i saw a tent set up that was slap full of hairbows.  my car came to a halt, and i jumped out.  i resisted, and only bought 1, but she had the cutest ribbon.  i got her contact info for future reference.  :)  anyway, austin was obsessed the whole 2 days with the fact that her and gammy have "bo-bo's" in the same spot.

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